I tell everyone I know that has been looking for daycare/preschool that Kamloops kidz is the only place to go. We are very much looking forward to enrolling our daughter for the Butterfly class in a couple of years
- Laura

Kamloops Kidz preschool helped us so much in preparing our eldest son for kindergarten. At the beginning of preschool, he was very shy as he’d never really spent much time away from us before, and therefore he naturally had some adjustment issues. Thanks to the warmth he received from his teachers at Kamloops Kidz, these issues were short-lived and he soon gained many social skills, and his confidence increased incredibly during his year there. He was given patience, support and encouragement and he really had come out of his shell by the end. He was enjoying it so much by the end we were upset when the school year ended, and we were worried that he might have adjustment problems starting kindergarten, but he sailed through! Kamloops Kidz made a huge difference for us, and I highly recommend this preschool. Our youngest son is now enjoying his turn at Kamloops Kidz, which he had eagerly awaited!
- Rachel A.

I want to take a moment to thank you for the care, the love, and the supportive attention you've given to my children over the past few years. As a daycare provider and nurse, I know that that the early years are a crucial developmental stage for children: this is where they learn critical skills of trust, of empathy, of respect and of responsibility that they will build on for the rest of their lives. You and your teachers provide this foundation for the children in a special place of love and caring. As a mother of a child with a serious illness, I was overwhelmed by the extra special care you took of my child while he was going through his treatments. Although your wonderful location, playgrounds and school facility and philosophy were the original reasons we chose Kamloops Kidz, it is the extra special care and attention that keeps me recommending your preschool for all my daycare families. My son is confidently going to kindergarten in the fall, in no small part because of all the preparation he's had, and the positive experience he's had, at Kamloops Kidz. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
- Erin

When our girls attended Kamloops Kidz, they had never been in a daycare setting before. There teacher made us feel right at home, answered all of our questions and was always available for reassurance, whether it was for my girls, or my husband and I!! My oldest girl has a severe peanut allergy, and she was able to attend the center with ease – her teacher was very diligent about it at all times. My kids both just flourished. The Center is very conveniently located, the fees are very reasonable, especially when you consider the level of care that the kids receive. Artwork and themes line the hallways and classes -and the classrooms are very warm and inviting, and mimic the kindergarten setting. I believe both of my girls transitioned into Kindergarten with ease simply because of that...they knew what to expect! The Director of Kamloops Kidz is so clearly in the right profession - I have never met another person who was so well suited for her position - your child will be safe and genuinely loved by Sandra and her staff - I have nothing but excellent things to say about Kamloops Kidz, and am only sorry that we're done there!
- Tanis

Since finding Kamloops Kidz childcare I have had both my children go there. First my son, who flourished under the staff’s expert care. He learned a love of school, and was beyond prepared to start kindergarten the next fall. Already, with my daughters first year there, I have noticed a huge change and growth in her. She is 3 and already knows how to count to 13, she shares so well, plays well with others, knows colors, and many more things. She loves this school so much, and is heartbroken that she has to wait until September to see her favorite Teachers again! This preschool is the best I have ever seen, and wouldn’t dream of taking my kids anywhere else! Sandra and all the wonderful people at Kamloops Kidz have made this Mom a believer in the curriculum and how much my children have gained in knowledge, as well as independence. Thank you!
- Rachel G.
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