Pineview Campus

We are very excited to have our Pineview boutique campus.  Custom designed, beautiful furnishings... come and check it out - you'll be amazed!!

The programs available at our Pineview campus are:

Our preschool class runs from 8:45-11:15.   Perfect hours to drop off your other children at school and then drop off your preschooler. The prices for our preschool program start at $155 per month for 2 days a week and increase to $275 for 5 days a week. It's your choice whether to choose 2, 3, 4 or 5 day option depending on your families needs, budget and schedule.


Check Open House or Call to Book your Tour!

The classroom has lots of light, child size environment, blend of natural materials, beautiful Montessori materials and traditional early childhood materials. The areas that your child can choose include practical life, arts and crafts, library, blocks, manipulatives, sensorial, math and science, language and house area.
Come and visit us soon and see why we were voted best Preschool in Kamloops and best daycare (two years running)!!

Infant/Toddler (2 classrooms)
Our infant/toddler classrooms have furnishings and equipment specifically made for your little bundles of joy. Chairs that are 5 inches off the ground for our littlest friends, a nursery gym to practice their climbing and sliding, lots of sensory objects and materials, to name just a few things. These classrooms have been designed with mini kitchens, loads of windows to provide natural light, and a bathroom with tiny toilets specifically for this age group. There are only 24 spots in total for infant/toddlers at Pineview so if your on maternity leave now, please hurry and register so you get a spot.  The ratio for this age group is 1 educator to 4 children; priority is given to full time families but we will also accept part time families into our program. Come and visit us soon in the Gosling or Polywog room at Pineview. We look forward to meeting with you.

Preschool/Extended Day Program
This program was developed at Kamloops Kidz based on feedback from families that wanted to have their children in preschool but were not able to juggle a daycare and separate preschool with their busy working schedules. We didn't want these families to miss out on the typical preschool environment and activities for their children.  Our full day 3-5 program is set up exactly the same as our Preschool classroom. The only difference is that these children get longer with the materials; longer outside time; eat lunch and an additional snack at Kamloops Kidz. Come and check us out to see all the advantages that your child requiring full day care will have attending Kamloops Kidz.
After School Program
The Pineview campus has 1 classroom for school age children.  Lots of games, arts and crafts, quiet areas for homework to be completed, comfy areas to relax, park right across the street to get out that left over energy from sitting too much during their school day.   Schools that we pick up from and/or are dropped off from the school district buses are Dufferin, McGowan, Aberdeen and Pacific Way.  

For information or to register for any of our Pineview programs, please email us at sandra@kamloopskidz.com, attend one of our next scheduled open houses and or contact our Administrator, Sandra Jodoin, at (250) 319-9044. We look forward to hearing from you.
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