Full/Part Time Programs

Full and part time programs are available for all age groups.

Infant/Toddler Program
In our Ladybug, Caterpillar, Gosling and Pollywog room, the classroom is designed with children’s needs in mind.  You will find amazing materials (including nursery gyms, miniature cots, “me do it” chairs, tot size kitchens, loads of sensory objects, to name just a few).  The teachers are warm and nurturing with a good sense of humor. The children are free to explore and investigate the classroom and the teachers are there to guide and nurture.  An amazing, loving and caring environment.  

Preschool/Kindergarten Program
In our Mallard, Otter, Butterfly, Cricket, Dragonfly and Firefly classroom, children are free to explore all areas of the curriculum.  They can choose to paint, play with playdough, build in the block area, set up a tea party with their friends or they can have one on one lesson time with a teacher to learn a new skill and/or activity or revisit an activity that they have not yet mastered.  Teachers observe the children’s interests and needs and document all accomplishments.  Reports are given to parents twice yearly showing their progress in these amazing classrooms.    A high quality program also encourages parent involvement.  Parents are welcome to sign up to volunteer in the classroom and/or are welcome to attend one of the many events that we plan throughout the year like the Daddy’s Day Fun Night, the Pizza Meet and Greet and the Winter Concert.    Field trips are planned on a monthly basis so that we can go out into the Community and explore what our amazing City has to offer.  At this level, we also learn about giving back and about making a difference in our Community through many initiatives.  

During the summer, we offer theme based camps for our Preschool and School Age children in attendance.  These programs are different than those operated during the regular school year.  Any child already registered in our full time programs does not need to re-register.  They are automatically registered for these programs.  Children wanting to join us for this period are more than welcome and would register using one of our camp forms.  

Before and After School Age Program
Our school age program is amazing – come and check out our Marmot, Mallard, Beetle, Village or Butterfly classroom.  We have dedicated classrooms just for our schoolers.  We have school buses which provide transportation to and from your child’s local school.  This program is child centered – they have had a busy day at school already – whatever they choose to do is okay.  They can choose from a variety of art mediums, lego, puzzles, games, outside play, etc., etc.  At this age, social is so important and at Kamloops Kidz they will have a lot of friends to do things with.

Full and Part time fees

Please speak with the office to get our current fee schedule if full time does not apply to your situation.  Please note that we are a facility approved to opt in to the Ministry's Child Care fee Reduction Initiative.

Current Full Time Fees are as follows (* means the parent fee reduction applies):
Infant/Toddler:   $660* - September, 2018 fees will be $750*
3-5 Program:     $640* - September, 2018 fees will be $680*
Kindergarten:   $270* - September, 2018 fees will be $290*
Grade 1 and up:   $370 - September, 2018 fees will be $390.

Please note that we close on all statutory holidays and up to 5 days over the Christmas period.  No rate adjustment will be made for either of these occurrences as this was taken into account when our fees.  2018 Christmas Closures are:  December 25th - STAT - Christmas Day - Closed; December 26th - Boxing Day - Day 1 Closure Per Fee Schedule; December 27th - Day 2 Closure Per Fee Schedule; December 28th - Day 3 Closure Per Fee Schedule; December 31st - Day 4 Closure Per Fee Schedule; January 1st - STAT - New Years Day Holiday.

No adjustment will be given for absences or holidays.  Families leaving care for 1 or more months’ will be required to pay ½ price hold fee for a guaranteed spot on their return if six weeks' notice is given of the change.  Hold fees will only be considered during the summer months.  Otherwise, full fees will be required to be paid in absence.
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